Jan D. Heiringhoff – Emergency Dentist Palma: The top dentist on Mallorca who is trusted by celebrities

Haven’t you ever wondered why all Hollywood greats have such flawless, bright white smiles? And no, that’s not just because they’re so happy about their fat fee for the new flick.

In fact, bad, discolored teeth, crooked teeth or even gaps have rightly been frowned upon in society for years. A radiant smile stands for health and success.

That’s because these days it’s easy to get such cosmetic defects fixed once and for all. The big advantage compared to other cosmetic corrections is that beautified teeth do not wrinkle or sag with age, but will look wonderful and natural for a lifetime.

Perfect white teeth Jan D. Heiringhoff Seadent Palma
Not always the good genes – often just the right dentist: The ultimate laughter of the stars / (c) pixabay.com

Surely one or the other Hollywood smile is a little too white and a little too perfect. But that is a matter of taste for each individual. „The basic prerequisite for a successful correction of the teeth is a detailed consultation after a thorough examination of the current situation,“ explains the equally competent and very personable Jan D Heiringhoff ( Emergency Dentist Tel. +34 / 603 31 96 48 ).

Because in Palma de Mallorca, with his state-of-the-art practice SeaDent Palma, he is already responsible for quite a few smiles in the international high society. „Every person is different. Everyone has different preferences and different ideas of what ‚beautiful‘ means. The possibilities today are almost unlimited. And often still affordable for the average smiler.”

Perfect white teeth Jan D. Heiringhoff Seadent Palma MalTorca
Natural, but more beautiful than ever with SeaDent Palma / © pixabay.com

But how can unsightly teeth become salon-friendly?

In any case, it depends on the initial situation. Is the tooth enamel attacked? Are your teeth generally okay? Are there any fillings from before? Small imperfections in the position are often desired because they make the bit look more natural.

But if the position of the teeth is correct and the teeth are healthy, wafer-thin ceramic plates, so-called veneers, for example, could cover the teeth and make them look very even. Both in terms of color and structure.

Veneers are used especially in the front area of ​​the teeth, i.e. the incisors. If the front teeth are generally no longer in such good condition, that is by no means a reason to give up. In any case, a good dentist will try to preserve as much of the tooth substance as possible, because no implant is as good as your own tooth.

Mallorca Palma Dentist
Celebrity dentist Jan D. Heiringhoff: First-class competent treatment for lasting beauty / © seadent

Of course, first tooth by tooth, root by root is examined and, if necessary, treated. Only then does the cosmetics begin. Fortunately, today there are materials that are practically indefinitely durable and are excellent at lining your own teeth. The existing set of teeth is completely scanned once and made visible as a 3D model on the computer.

Now the patient and the dentist can decide what improvements should be made, what is too much of a good thing and what can possibly be corrected in other simple ways. Once everything is done, the computer calculates the new dentition and each individual tooth, and the dentist can prepare the base in the patient’s mouth.

Dentist Celebrity dentist Jan D. Heiringhoff: First-class competent treatment
Just a few steps from the Louis Vuitton store in Palma’s city center on Avenida de Jaime III (c) seadent

For this purpose, a layer of the teeth is removed all around and then the computer-made crowns are glued on. Patients whose entire set of teeth has been renewed in this way are still overjoyed with the result years later. Because beautiful teeth are not only an expression of health and youthfulness, but also extremely important for healthy self-confidence.

And looking good or better never hurt anyone. There are even serious surveys that suggest that an attractive appearance with beautiful rows of teeth can certainly have a career-enhancing and salary-increasing effect.

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